Seas the day: best beaches in the US

Choosing a beach to go to can be tricky. Illustration: Tatianna Dubose · The Sentry

Choosing a beach to go to can be tricky. Illustration: Tatianna Dubose · The Sentry

Can’t Go Wrong With Paradise
by Kaia Stallings

It’s really no secret that Hawaii is an expensive place to live and let alone visit. This summer will likely be very different than what tourists are used to. Truthfully, it’s never okay to visit such an isolated place with the pandemic pushing out more uncertainties every day. However, pandemic or not, the beaches in Hawaii remain absolutely stunning and well worth the money spent for a trip. 
The common beaches that tourists would see in Waikiki are nice enough, but they are overcrowded and can sometimes be really gross. There are a few gems like Walls which is a beach that a lot of locals go to, as per the name suggests, to jump off the wall barrier into the open water. (This is not suggested for anyone who isn’t familiar with the water). The best beach though is on the North Shore of Oahu.
Waimea Bay is easily one of the best beaches to go to when visiting Hawaii. The drive there alone is beautiful and the beach itself has so much to offer. If waves are the cup of tea beachgoers are looking for, Waimeas is the best place for that in the winter when the surf swells. If that’s not really for them, then they can plan a trip during the summer or fall for calmer waves, extremely hot sun, and perfectly cool water. Not to mention the vibes of this beach are just off the charts. There are always people playing their best reggae music, laughing with their families, and interacting with other beach-goers. Waimeas is truly the perfect example of how beautiful the community can be in Hawaii. Oh, and there is a massive 25ft rock that is 100% encouraged to be jumped off of.
Hawaii is expensive, yes, but it is full of beautiful scenery, amazing people, delicious food, rich culture and even better beaches. When the pandemic is over and it’s truly safe to visit, think about coming!

Southern Hospitality At the Gulf
by Alexander Elmore

Going to the beach: certainly a classic of summer activities, perhaps the best of them all. Deciding where to go, though, can get tricky. Make the decision simple and go to the gulf.

Located in the southern United States and accessing the Gulf of Mexico, the “gulf coast” undoubtedly provides the most bang per buck of tourist’s dollars. Traveling to the area will almost always be cheaper than most other beaches in the States. Flying is an option, but because it isn’t water-locked, a road trip is a fun, cheap alternative for groups of friends. Since the gulf coast isn’t as highly trafficked of an area as say California or Hawaii, lodging will also be a helluva lot cheaper, too.  

The beaches themselves hold up just as well as should be expected, ranging from crystal clear water and white sand to biodiverse bayous. Visitors can access a wide variety of beaches during their stay, even without leaving the state they’re in. 

Once there, enjoy the inexpensive seafood, Cajun cooking, and Mardi Gras traditions offered by Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama; visit historic boardwalks and wildlife refuges in Texas, or go over to Florida for Cuban influences and theme park extravaganza (hello Disney World and Universal Studios!). If a beach-goer is longing for something a little more international, they can always cross the border and visit any of the fantastic cities of Mexico, or hop on a plane or boat and hit up Havana too—without ever leaving the Gulf.

While within the US border, swimmers can experience the little thing known as Southern hospitality in any of their destinations. Everything is served with a smile, everyone is “honey” or “child,” and the locals will always be “happy they stopped by.”   This year do summer a favor and go to the gulf coast.

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