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Monthly Archives: April 2021

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The Gay ‘90s

Four romantic comedies that are bursting with rainbows When a homosexual couple or any member of the LGBTQ+ community sits down to watch a movie that reflects themselves, they must wade through a sea of tragic stories to find something lighthearted.  Much of this community’s

A grand reopening 

Live music making a comeback with vaccinations With the likelihood of herd immunity approaching this summer, venues are posed with the daunting task of safely reopening—and the task isn’t the same for every venue. While some outdoor festivals like Coachella and Glastonbury have cancelled for

Vaccine Eligibility Increases in Colorado

General public can now get vaccinated As the COVID vaccine is being distributed across the country, more people in the higher risk groups are able to get their vaccines, and people in the lower risk group will soon get their first dose or their only

Sex Workers Are Workers

sex addiction is never a valid excuse for violence People often refer to prostitution as the oldest profession in human history—at least, ever since the writer Rudyard Kipling made that claim in 1889. Yet, sex work remains a highly controversial topic in the United States

Children invade college students homes

High school tour groups visit Zoom university Campus closure/partial closure has disrupted the lives of college students worldwide. However, the adjustment has brought on some unexpected benefits, principally, the absence of high school college tour groups in students’ lives. Innocent class-goers have been unburdened by

Flawless villain enters the scene

Resident Evil’s sexy vampire stakes the stage The Resident Evil series is known for its grotesque monsters and terrifying settings. However, this time around Lady Alcina Dimitrescu takes the role of a vampire villain, despite having flawless skin, luscious black hair, and glittering red lips.

Exclusive Look Inside the White House

First Dog Champ Gives his Insights The technology first debuted in the super realistic and 100% totally factually accurate film Isle of Dogs is now being rolled out to the most prestigious dogs around the world. Thoughts from the Queen Elizabeth II’s corgi Muick have