Local band proves resilience and malleability

Waxcat thrives in local music scene

Photo courtesy of Waxcat
Denver-based group transcends through genres.

Waxcat radiates malleability; through their transcendent dimensions of music and within the band itself, a new year begins, and the group continues to thrive. Based in Denver, Colorado, the trio consists of Nick Nord on guitar, Jobe Wagner on drums, and Jake Myers on vocals.  

The group originally met through a travel and volunteer arts-based program called Up With People whose headquarters are located here in Colorado. After traveling and performing together the members became close, and as Wagner details, “We kind of realized we could do that with our own creations.” After the program ended for the group, the members decided Denver was the right move in 2018, as Myers described, “It’s kind of like a hivemind of compassion I’ve found, at least versus Ohio.”  

As the trio began to jam together in Colorado and their first single hovered on the horizon, the need to officially form a group became clear, along with the need for a name. Myers described the process of finding a name with a grin, “We all just kind of stood there pulling syllables out of each other’s brains…. post conceptualizing, it worked so well, cause cats live in every single biome on earth, wax is very moldable, we feel like our music is between different genres so kinda has to be moldable for the listener… it just worked perfectly for us.”   

Over the years, Waxcat has had several releases, and a self-titled EP drop in 2020. Their music leans towards more of an indie EDM style, but as their name demonstrates, their music remains moldable, experimenting in a multitude of directions. “We all have our own unique styles and I think Waxcat just kinda formed out of us being as genuine as possible in our writing,” Nord clarified. Both the single releases and the songs off the EP beautifully illustrate various styles woven together to mold a sound unique to Waxcat, yet still experimental. Myers divulged, “They sound different—but they’re all about the same exact thing, which is just being alive, existing as a human, they kind of all are just different angles, different perspectives, and reactions to that big old mysterious question.” Nord also highlighted, “We want the listener to know that we’re aware that they’re listening and in that same way we want the listener to kind of embrace everything that’s out there that they haven’t experienced, all the unknown confusing questions about being alive instead of circling around them, kind of jumping headfirst into them.” 

As the group navigates through the music scene in difficult times, they embrace the difficulties rather than letting anything hold them back. As the group laughed a little, reminiscing about the beginning of 2020 and completing their album, Myers elaborated, “We were kinda already homebodies before everyone got locked into quarantine, we felt like the world kind of caught up with us.”  

As 2021 progresses and venues slowly open back up, the group excitedly awaits more live shows as they continue to work on new music, remaining malleable in the music scene and persevering no matter the conditions.

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