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Daily Archives: March 10, 2021

Local band proves resilience and malleability

Waxcat thrives in local music scene Waxcat radiates malleability; through their transcendent dimensions of music and within the band itself, a new year begins, and the group continues to thrive. Based in Denver, Colorado, the trio consists of Nick Nord on guitar, Jobe Wagner on

Texas Slammed with Major Winter Storm

Electricity, water become scarce resources In late February, a winter storm hit Texas and has been affecting residents and communities with the lack of basic resources to help them cope with the cold.   For days, no water and electricity were available to the residents

How Recreative Denver is Making Art More Accessible

The art center and store champions creativity “It’s a little something for everybody” according to Chris Scott, co-founder of ReCreative Denver. His description couldn’t be more accurate. The non-profit provides everything from studio space to a community woodshop, but the focal mission of ReCreative is

Best Pokemon Cards of the Year

Ranking the best Pokemon cards Everyone is aware that the  1999 first edition holographic  Charizard card is one of the most sought-after Pokemon cards. It’s rare, sick-looking, and incredibly expensive. Sadly, the average Joe doesn’t have 2,000 dollars lying around to burn on a single