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Daily Archives: March 3, 2021

The legacy of longstanding Denver venue

El Chapultepec is gone, but not forgotten After more than 80 years, famed Denver jazz venue El Chapultepec closed its doors last December. While the final owner, Angela Guerrero, says that many reasons contributed to her decision, this venue joins a long list of local

Jojo Siwa is a Queer Icon

coming out isn’t easy In January 2021, Internet star Jojo Siwa came out. Coming out is inherently a bold expression of bravery, but for someone living under a microscope operated by suburban white moms, coming out is unimaginably courageous, powerful, and inspirational. Jojo Siwa was

Breach Deemed Largest Cyber-Attack in CU History

Cyber-attack affects CU system  The University of Colorado has begun an investigation into a breach of data that occurred against both employees and students. The university’s information security teams are currently trying to determine the scope of the cyber-attack, but it appears to be one

Among us: Tasks, Space, and Murder

A guide to cordial deception In general, lying is one of those things that is looked down upon by general society. Lying, so people say, is “bad.” It’s “immoral.” If someone does it in court or under penalty of law and the government finds out,