Different songs from different sides of TikTok

Are all of them bangers?

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How good are the songs made popular by TikTok?

There are many sides to TikTok. There is StraightTok, GayTok, ResinTok, POVTok, and even FrogTok, where people show off their cool amphibian friends. People from all walks of life gather around their phones in order to share with the world something cool they can do, something funny they thought of, or something important they want to discuss. However, this unique platform is special in the fact that creators have been able to share their songs and remixes with a large group of people and, in a way, get free advertising when they use the sound. With this, comes many iconic bops that only certain members of internet society know. Are all of them good? 

First, there are all of the “W.A.P.” remixes. Overall, all of them come in at a 6/10 because of creativity and editing, despite not being original songs. Now that Christmas approaches, the For You Page is filled with Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You” x “W.A.P.” remixes that bring a new sense of enjoyment to the holiday. Additional remixes include “The Imperial March,” “Take Me to Church,” and “Lay All Your Love On Me,” all of which are iconic in their own right, but are made that much more legendary with the Cardi B song. 

TikTok is also a platform where many people have been able to share their own original songs and start their careers in the music industry. CORPSE is a newer musical artist who has begun producing songs just this year. “E-GIRLS ARE RUINING MY LIFE” has darker grungy tones and overall gets a 9/10, only because it is a relatively short song. His extremely deep voice has gained him a large following on his Let’s Play and Narration YouTube channel. It gives his songs an extra dash of pizazz and overall makes his entire collection interesting to listen to. 

Mothica is another such artist, her hit single “VICES” climbing the charts quickly once she had marketed the song on her TikTok. “VICES” also gets a 7/10. It has a dark but pop-like feel, speaking on the dangers of addiction towards many vices. The lyrics include, “If it’s not drugs it’s drinks / If it’s not drinks it’s things / If it’s not things it’s people,” showing that addiction can jump from one thing to another, without anything being healthy or helpful. 

For small businesses and beginning creators, TikTok is a wonderful place to go where people enjoy supporting their endeavors. Some honorable TikTok song mentions include “Cradles” by Sub Urban (8/10), “Electric Love” by BORNS (7/10), “Wolf Totem” by The HU (8/10), and “Breezeblocks” by alt-J (9/10). Supporting small creators ensures that future listeners will be able to experience new types of music from artists people have not heard of before. TikTok has its problems, but it is a great platform for those trying to show the world their art. 

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