Sentry staff picks: heat waves

With nearly as many featured artists as words in the song title, it’s no wonder that Barney Artist’s “Good To Be Home” offers a collective take on the many meanings of home. Barney, Loyle Carner, and Rebel Kleff all offer their individual verse styles and take on the word while Tom Misch’s soulful verse repeats as a pre-chorus. Whether it’s Misch’s singular riff that sweeps into the beat, the chant-like chorus from Barney Artist’s smooth, low-toned voice, or the different rap styles blended into one celebratory track, it’s an undeniably catchy tune that uplifts the spirit through musical aggregation.

-Tommy Clift

Amidst the chaos of the summer, The Rolling  Stonesreleased a song that is completely unexpected and yet reassuring. “Scarlet” was originally recorded in 1974 but was released only in July 2020. Jimmy Page guests on lead guitar, making it a mini collaboration between the Stones and Led Zeppelin. Since this was just a jam session, the song isn’t as polished as usual. The song is classic Stones, but Page holds his own—his guitar simultaneously taking center stage and blends in perfectly with the song. Overall, “Scarlet” and its infectious, bouncy groove make it a perfect, even if unexpected, summer jam track.

-Lionel Mendonsa

With well under two million views on YouTube, Anjulie’s “You and I” is neither a new nor a trending song. Nevertheless, “You and I” feels like a timeless tune, perfectly suitable for summer listening. Anjulie, a Canadian artist of Indo-Guyanese origin, has only released one album, but has collaborated with artists ranging from Zedd and Kelly Clarkson to Nicki Minaj. The effervescent sounds, in conjunction with Anjulie’s angelic voice, is reminiscent of summer flings and fantasies. While everyone is cooped up at home, “You and I” provides a three-minute whimsical escape from our socially distant world.

-Aarti Dureja

Summer was more of reminiscing the times before quarantine rather than making new memories and going out. The song “Past Life” by Trevor Daniel fits that very feeling since it feels like a lifetime ago that things were normal-ish in the world. Even though the lyrics might have a somber tone, the overall instrumental—acoustic guitar, steady, upbeat bass, tempo, and percussion—emits a peaceful and energetic atmosphere that flows fluently with the pleading, raspy vocals of Daniel’s. For a song that deals with letting all past things go, maybe it’s time everyone lets COVID go. 

-Isaiah Mancha

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