Put down the weights and learn to wait

Gyms are not essential to health. Working out at home is fine too. Photo courtesy of COVID19DATA.com

Gyms aren’t essential

Gyms are not essential to health. Working out at home is fine too.
Photo courtesy of COVID19DATA.com

If there was ever a time to skip leg day, a world-wide pandemic is probably the best time to do so. As the number of gyms that have decided to open their doors up to eager patrons wanting to get back to making “gains” increases, so does the number of COVID-19 cases in the United States. How could anyone possibly be “safer at home” when gyms and fitness centers are being allowed to open back up to the public? It’s almost like places where a massive amount of people all come together to breathe heavy, sweat like crazy, and socialize about how many reps they can do contributes to the problem.

Gyms should be considered a place of business just as activities like movie theaters are. As an example, film buffs aren’t allowed to sit in a wide auditorium together and watch a movie. However, gym junkies are allowed to walk into a gym in close proximity with others and workout together, even though the film buffs have the potential of sitting less people within the auditorium and minimizing the risk since it is a stationary activity. The only difference with them is that one is seen as something you can do at home, while the other one is seen as a “lifestyle.”

Even before the pandemic happened, nobody trusted any of the gym equipment to be fully clean. Not even gyms themselves are trusted to stay clean, as evident with the cleaning stations that are already six feet away from each other. Gyms have always been a dirty place. Technically that isn’t a bad thing, but at the same time, it isn’t a new thing either. People are there to better themselves and their health, which is why the idea of going to a gym in the current state the world is in now is absurd. Why would somebody put their health at risk, all for the reason to become/stay healthy? It just doesn’t make sense.

People believe that if the gym is closed they will immediately start to lose any progress they have made, and with that kind of mindset they totally will. Having no access to a gym shouldn’t be what breaks down those who wish to get and stay healthy; it should be what uplifts their motivation to keep pushing forward.

Instead of depending on weights and bands, try to learn new calisthenics moves that can all be done in the comfort of one’s home, all the while being safe and courteous to others.

Will anyone really lose their life if they don’t hit the bench press? Is it really that necessary to put people at risk all for a chance to run on a machine rather than outside? If abs are made in the kitchen, shouldn’t learning about nutrition and dieting at home be just as or even more important than the gym? Take the necessary steps to ensure the health of the community by not stepping into the gym.

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