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Study break songs

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Half of the battle for kicking butt in a class is just
sitting down and doing the work. A good way to
encourage actually doing the work? Reward the
hard work with the perfect study break. Detox the brain
and prevent throwing off the study groove with the perfect
study break tracks.
Often times, a 15-minute study break that began as just a
break can turn into a rabbit hole of Instagram scrolling or You-
Tube video watching. Set a subtle reminder to go back to studying
by queueing up songs that will total about 10-15 minutes. When
they’re done, hit the books. According to Oxford Learning, moving
around will help to re-energize the brain and body all the while
reducing stress.
Now, which songs together make the perfect study break
playlist? Maude Latour’s “Ride My Bike,” “Supercut” by Lorde,
“Maniac” by Conan Gray, followed by “Breakup Haircut” by Danny
and Alex that packs a high tempo punch that begs to be danced to.
Get up, shake out, and stretch for roughly 10 minutes with these
fast-paced pop tracks.
Want some throwbacks? Add “9 To 5” by Dolly Parton, “Dancing
Queen” by ABBA, Dexys Midnight Runner’s classic “Come on
Eileen,” then rounded out with “We Didn’t Start the Fire” by Billy
Joel. Each track is guaranteed to make even the most intense studier
get up, pour themselves a cup of ambition, and move to the 80s
synths and electric guitar riffs.
Maybe it’s the end of a long study session and instead of a
dance break, a soundtrack to a relaxed stretch is more fitting. Try
out “Falling” by Harry Styles, Still Woozy’s “Goodie Bag,” “Caroline”
by Briston Maroney, and “Bags” by Clairo. Chill to the slower
paced beats, but still feel ready to go back to studying.
Reward the hard work by playing songs that are sure to
encourage and keep motivation up to keep on studying. Repeat
the studying and music breaks cycle for as long as needed for the
perfect study session.

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