Songs to unpack to

Photos courtesy of Spotify

Photos courtesy of Spotify

Moving into a dorm or apartment to begin a new
chapter as a college freshman can seem daunting
with stacks of boxes needing to be moved and
unpacked. Instead of grueling over this labor in silence,
up-beat songs can ease this transition and make it enjoyable.
“Moving On Up” by M People
This soulful song is featured in the movie Are We Done
Yet? When the Persons family packs up their small apartment
to move into a new home, quite literally making it a
moving-day song. While it makes for a good montage in the
film, it can serve as an added pep for students.
“Shut Up and Dance” by WALK THE MOON
Besides this song literally having “dance” in the title,
hinting that it will surely be a get-up-and-move classic,
it reminds listeners to focus on the task in front of them.
While the task is to move boxes and unpack, it will be hard
not to get sidetracked and break out in a full dance.
“So What” by P!nk
While this anthem is essentially about moving on after
a break-up, it has an underlying message of empowerment,
which is fitting for taking the big step of moving into a new
place. Students and their families might be tempted to grab
the nearest microphone-like object to rock out to the lyrics.
“Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen
Having the genius of Queen grace students’ new places
is sure to naturally energize the atmosphere, but this tune
in particular, according to Loudwire, is the “world’s most
uplifting song” due to its lyrics, key, and tempo. “Don’t Stop
Me Now” is literally supported by science to put listeners
into a better mood, which can only be helpful while doing
manual labor.
These songs can begin a moving day playlist that will
motivate students and their families to get on their feet (and
maybe even dance a little) to unpack in no time. Moving into
a new place is an exciting milestone that can have many
memories attached to it, and having a few songs playing
during that move can surely be a reminder of that time.

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