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Songs for walking to class

Photo courtesy of Spotify

It is a new and exciting time of year, when transitions
are being made from one grade to the next, from high
school to college, from college to the mystical realm of
the “real world.” The time everyone has between classes is
one of these exciting, daily transitions. It is the last few
minutes to cram before a test, or a break for those escaping
a draining class. Either way, people need a way to fill
that void. These are some recommended jams to listen to
and forget everything just taught in the previous lecture.
Take a moment to chill out and decompress with the
band, Lord Huron. They have a great spread of songs with
simple beats and a softer feeling. With songs like “The
Night We Met” and “Ends of the Earth,” this indie-folk
band is all about calming tones and acoustic guitars. The
vocals harmonize peacefully without a lot of mechanical
tuning, making an all-around natural sound.
On the days where energy is lacking as well as the will
to go to class, Lizzo is the lady to listen to. Songs like “Truth
Hurts” and “Like a Girl” are beats people can bump their
heads to while walking to class. Set it as the alarm clock
tone and wake up prepared for any tests, assignments, or
lectures the day might bring.
For the times when a student needs to let off some
steam in between classes, grandson is the best band to
listen to. Most of their songs, like “Blood//Water” and
“Despicable” are of the hard rock variety and bring angry
but thoughtful messages. Overall, this band is sure to get
the blood pumping and head banging.
Some other songs to add to a playlist are “Thunderstruck”
by AC/DC, “Crazy = Genius” by Panic! at the Disco,
“Breezeblocks” by alt-J, as well as the spa-background
songs of Enya.
Whatever it is, there’s a song out there for every occasion.
Fall is coming, so be prepared for whatever the new
school year decides to throw at incoming students.