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Daily Archives: June 15, 2020

Words from a Wallflower

A Piece of Home After I said goodbye to my family the weekend before school started my freshman year, I walked back up to my dorm at Campus Village to find a gift on my bed from my mom. Among snacks and small things for

Mental health resources for students

counseling resources on campus and beyond The college transition can be admittedly daunting. Even for those who are eager and excited, it presents a fresh set of challenges, academic stress, the pressure of getting out and making friends, or the overwhelming financial responsibilities stacking up,

Amanda Blackman’s Dark Place

Lost in the Woods If I sat down to talk to freshman year Amanda, I don’t know what I’d tell her. You’re going to change your major twice, change one of them to your minor, get a dream internship and love it, then decide to

The Sentry’s advice to incoming students

tips on how to make the most out of college It’s easy to get caught in the daily routines and activities of the college life but spare some time to make sure you don’t get behind. Set a reminder in your calendar at the start

Developing From a Negative

Be Positive Staying positive is not an easy task and no one can be positive 100% of the time but that should not stop anyone from trying to achieve that goal. In my younger days, I was known to be a pessimist. There was always

From the Editor

A hero’s guide to college So here you are, you just graduated high school and now you’re ready to begin your four-year journey in the world that is college. At this point you’ve collected tokens and weapons and have worked hard to build up your

How to make an academic comeback

steps to take towards success When one first gets to college, one may feel confident about conquering their coursework. But what happens when one fails to meet their own expectations? And what happens if one actually fails a class? Evaluate why the downfall came about.

The Plot Thickens

Stalling Dreams When I entered film school freshman year, I had two things on my mind that I would come out being a pro at: writing and directing. Every film major at CU Denver is required to take three writing courses, two during your first