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RTD stations not far from campus allow students to venture out from the city. Photo: Nicholas Dimond · The Sentry

RTD stations not far from campus allow students to venture out from the city.
Photo: Nicholas Dimond · The Sentry

student RTD pass makes places outside Denver accessible

Denver is a city uniquely composed of multicultural neighborhoods, trendy restaurants, and fill, but occasionally, it’s worth stepping outside the bustling city life within the concrete jungle and tight streets to explore the quaint Colorado towns. Every CU Denver student has unlimited RTD rides included in their tuition. For those studying at CU from out of state or the other side of the Rockies, this pass is the key to the wider Denver area, so if students ever find their minds stormed with homework assignments and adulting tasks, here are a few RTD accessible places to escape school and the city.
The first of these is the Zeppelin Station. Located right next to the 38th and Blake Station on the RTD’s A-line, the Zeppelin Station is a hip multipurpose building filled with food and shops. A must-try restaurant within the Zeppelin Station is called The Budlong. It features crispy Nashville-style hot chicken sandwiches with homemade coleslaw and pickles. Right next door is a local coffee shop called Dandy Lion, where customers can come by on a hot day for some light and refreshing Japanese iced coffee. After enjoying food and beverages, one can still walk around Zeppelin station to see the artisanal shops created by local Denver artists.
Further out from the center of Denver is the Old Town Station located in Arvada, a mere 40-minute journey from campus. Here, daily life is more relaxed. People stroll around near streets, wandering in and out of shops. If students venture out here, the Cereal Box is worth checking out on Olde Wadsworth Boulevard. This place allows customers to create custom, sugar-loaded cereals. It features several flavored milks, including non-dairy options, as well as an array of cereals and toppings to choose from. And in case this wasn’t enough sugar, Arvada has one of the best bakeries in the Denver Area, the Rheinlander Bakery. The aroma of sweet cinnamon fills the air, and strudels, decorated cakes, and cookies fill every display case. It’s a real treat worth trying.
The last place on the list is Pearl Street Mall in Boulder. Home to the other CU Campus, Boulder has a quirky atmosphere where the weird and wild thrive. The Pearl Street Mall is the final destination of the FF Bus that connects Denver to Boulder. The total trip takes about an hour, but hey, at least it’s free. For book lovers, The Pearl Street Mall offers several used bookstores, including the Boulder Bookstore and the Lighthouse Bookstore. It’s the perfect place to find a relaxing read for any interest. As customers sit there, acquiring knowledge, they might as well have a refreshing cup of tea by your side. The Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse, located on 13th Street between Canyon Boulevard and Arapahoe Avenue, was crafted by over 40 artists from Western Asia. It strives to keep social tea culture alive in the beautiful building it was given.

Let this show that there are life and experiences to be had outside Denver. Take note of this article and whenever the stresses of school get to students, remember the RTD pass and the opportunities it presents for a refreshing day outside the city.

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