Brett Lagerblade discusses club sports at CU Denver

Brett Lagerblade oversees club sports at CU Denver. Photo courtesy of

Brett Lagerblade oversees club sports at CU Denver.
Photo courtesy of

CU Denver offers extracurricular activities for every student

College can be tough, especially for freshmen coming in right after high school. Luckily, there are many activities that will help release the stress one may come across when on campus. Besides the usual binging of TV shows, nap taking, and the occasional visit to the gym, CU Denver offers more to students with a variety of club sports to participate in.
In a recent interview with Brett Lagerblade, Assistant Director for Competitive Sports, students are given many options to choose from when it comes to sports. Brett has been here at CU Denver for more than 15 years. Before becoming an Assistant Director, he was first an Academic Advisor, then a Club Sports Coordinator.
“Students can take a look on our website to see which sports we offered in the previous school year.” Lagerblade explained. “Some of those sports include Powerlifting, Swimming, and Running.” Students will also be happy to know that CU Denver, also offers both Men and Women’s Soccer, Cheer, Tennis, and Taekwondo among other things. For more information, a new list of sports for the upcoming 2020-21 academic year will be posted online come August.
Now, for the big question: how does one join the sport? “Some teams host try-outs and make cuts, but most teams welcome all experience levels!” Lagerblade exclaimed. As for the requirements needed to be a participant in a said sport, CU Denver notes that a student must be enrolled in at least one credit hour to be involved. However, some of the clubs may require more than just that. “Our program does not have a specific GPA requirement, but teams must abide by any requirements set forth by their governing bodies.” Lagerblade adds. Students can reach out to the captains of the sport that they are most interested in by either visiting the CU Denver Club Sports page or by visiting their page on Facebook to learn more about other requirements that they may need.
There is one thing that students should keep on their mind when choosing to join a sport: fees. According to the Club Sports FAQ on the CU Denver website, “each club has its own set of membership dues that each member pays.” This may sound overwhelming, but it’s not that bad necessarily. Club Sports are funded by student fees, meaning that as a club, there is an opportunity to apply for funding to decrease the cost of participation. Even so, if a student does feel overwhelmed, has second thoughts, or is shy and nervous to join a sport, Lagerblade and the Wellness Center are more than happy to lend out a helping hand.
“In our Club Sports program, we strive to create a place for everyone, no matter their experience or background,” Lagerblade explains. “We understand that college in itself can be difficult territory to navigate at times. We want to ensure that the new and exciting experiences we’re offering to and for students are welcoming and inclusive. Regardless of if you’ve played a sport your whole life or you’re looking to try your hand at something new, you can count on having the support and care from your teammates and the Club Sports staff in order to help you realize that you belong here, on this team, in this program, at this school.”

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