The best memories of The Sentry

Illustration: Jeremy Holder · The Sentry

Illustration: Jeremy Holder · The Sentry

Geese, sub-par drawings, and personal growth

To celebrate the end of a truly different and trying semester, The Sentry staff has gathered up some of their fondest memories from the 2019/20 academic year.

Thursday nights at The Sentry office are always a treat. Staff members crowd in, perched on a mish-mash of well-loved office chairs, pizza in hand. One Thursday, during the usual workshop time, the staff at The Sentry was given a humbling task: draw an illustration based on a headline. In groups of three, The Sentry staff set out to create their greatest works of art. Illustrators laughed at the writers’ poor attempts. A gallery walk of toddler-esque drawings commenced, complete with hearty laughter from every corner of the room. But what emerged was a newfound appreciation, no, awe-inspired indebtedness to The Sentry illustration staff.
– Lorraine Kelly
For those who spend any amount of time on Auraria campus, the presence of Canadian geese never goes unnoticed. With their tubular turds scattered on every available surface, walking from place to place can get a bit messy. It comes as no surprise that these birds carry an unsavory reputation among The Sentry staff. Earlier this spring, the problem became so severe that an entire pitch meeting dealt with these troublesome creatures.
– Trevor Leach
Though she hasn’t been writing for The Sentry for very long, Jada Lister, a newly minted staff writer this semester, recalls the thrilling moment she saw the email from Jaleesia Fobbs, Editor-in-Chief, offering her a position on The Sentry team. Almost immediately, Jada went out and bought a constellation studded journal, destined to be used at future pitch nights, her heart set on being the next Andrea Zuckerman—a passionate student and socially conscious journalist.
– Jada Lister
Watching the staff grow and from an editor perspective was the best part of this past year at The Sentry.  Once everyone had found their comfort zones, they all shined.  Some really loved writing for the Forum section while others would never pass up a chance to review a concert for Noise.  To see everyone’s personalities leak through their writing or how they capture an event or envision an illustration is such a beautiful part of our reality.  Every person who helped with The Sentry this past year nudged it in one way or another.  Their presence will always be remembered within the pages of this paper.
– Taelar Pollmann

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