Best of CatVideoFest: Creature Comforts Edition

Watch cat videos for a good cause

For the past few years, theaters all across America have shown the CatVideoFest, a feature-length compilation of the cutest cat videos out there. But the event isn’t simply profiting off of people paying to see cat videos in a theater; a portion of ticket sales are donated to local animal organizations and shelters. With movie theaters everywhere being closed due to COVID-19, the team behind the annual event had to restrategize. Now, anyone can take part in the fun of CatVideoFest from the comfort of their own home with the Best of CatVideoFest: Creature Comforts edition 

One of the event’s long-time curators, Will Braden, put together a compilation of the best cat videos from the event into a 40-minute video. It’s as insanely affordable as it is adorable. For only $0.99, anyone can access this compilation to support the cause of helping cats all around the world. 

Rather than donating profits to a national organization, CatVideoFest always donates a portion of its profits to local organizations. On their Facebook event page for the Denver theatrical run for the event, they state that a portion of proceeds will go to The Feline Fix. This organization offers spay/neuter services for stray outdoor cats and a wellness clinic too. Whether or not the shortened edition of this event will give their profits to this organization is unclear. However, it certainly keeps the event afloat so they can continue to help out organizations, like The Feline Fix, that are always in need. 

The compilation itself is brimming with variety. Not only are there videos of domestic house cats, but there’s a clip of some purring cougars too (Tiger King fans are familiar with the video’s source, Big Cat Rescue). There are big cats, small cats, cranky cats, sleepy cats, more cats than one can handle! There’s the thrilling saga of Potato, the dwarf cat who can kick like a little bunny. There are cats sitting and sleeping in spaces their fat bodies were not meant to. There’s even a cute little animation about a cat chasing a butterfly. The highlight of the compilation is for sure “An Engineer’s Guide to Cats” in which two engineers “research” the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of their feline friends.  

While many theaters are offering this deal, it’s best to go through the Sie Film Center’s website to also support the Denver Film Society since these theaters are all non-profit and are struggling during this time. Plus, this compilation can be gifted to anyone for the same price, so send it to someone who needs some cat videos during these trying times. 

Fair warning, the website’s user interface can be a bit confusing. Once the compilation has been paid for, the page might redirect internet users to another page where another theater is offering the same deal. So to not get confused and pay for it twice, just go to the purchases tab in account settings. Despite this confusion, the experience is still worth it and is sure to bring a smile upon anyone’s face. 

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