Florence + the Machine | Light of Love | Single Review

Virgin EMI Records
Rating: Thumbs Up

Florence Welch of Florence + The Machine has been considered by many to be the queen of indie-rock music since her debut album, Lungs was released in 2009. This new single, “Light Of Love,” is no exception. Blending her signature occult-sounding vocals and background singers with dreamy instrumentals and sing song lyrics, “Light of Love” is the hopeful song that is much needed right now. The song has overall ethereal and hopeful lyrics, with the main chorus being “don’t go blindly into the dark, every one of us has a light of love.” “Light Of Love” gives the listener hope, and is perfect to sing along to and play whenever the listener needs a glimmer of positivity that doesn’t seem fake or overdone. Fans and new listeners alike are very excited about what the rest of her new album will bring to the world. 

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