Dua Lipa | Future Nostalgia | Album Review

Warner Records 
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

On March 27, Dua Lipa released her sophomore album titled Future Nostalgia. After having a few songs leaking online, the album was released early for streaming and downloading. While she expressed how devastating the leak was, she hopes her songs can lift people’s spirits in these hard times. 

The songs focus on soothing melodies along with synthetic instruments to drive the beat. 

“Don’t Start Now” is one of the songs on the album with a faster beat. The beginning relies heavily on the drums and a bass guitar to give color to the song. Strings come in later to create a calming atmosphere after the bass drops out. By the end of the song, Lipa combines the two to create a synthetic pop feel.  

“Boys Will Be Boys” is one of the tracks on this album that strays away from the other songs. Instrumentals are very clear with lots of strings. The raw sounds make the song feel acoustic instead of having a driving beat from drums and synthetic sounds with long notes providing a sense of calm and a change of pace. 

“Levitating” is the track that will most likely have listeners getting up and dancing on their feet. The guitar, bass, drums, and violin are all making different rhythms with each other to create a rich backtrack. Throughout the song, Lipa is accompanied with background singers to urge listeners to sing along.  

With a total of eleven tracks, Future Nostalgia offers enough music to get listeners excited for more Dua Lipa content. 

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