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Photo courtesy of In House Collective Local collective spotlighting local artists.

Photo courtesy of In House Collective
Local collective spotlighting local artists.
In House Collective is bringing the spotlight to local creatives

To say that Denver is a hub for creatives is an understatement. One can walk around Downtown and see fliers for underground shows and art exhibits plastered on nearly every electrical box or streetlamp. Drive east down Colfax and someone is bound to pass a sold-out show at one of the many renowned concert venues that the city has to offer. With all these options for artistic innovators, it can still be hard to break into the industry. That’s where the In House Collective steps in.  

Isabelle AmatoJunior Music Business student at CU Denveris the founder of the In House Collective. A Montana native, Amato is a singer and songwriter who is a member of the internationally recognized acapella group LarkHaving an intense passion for music and creative collaboration, Amato sought to create a space where local creatives can collaborate and have a platform to show off their talents.  

When asked about the Collective’s mission, Amato expressed that “The Collective is a multi-media outlet that works to feature and curate local, emerging artists and creators.” The Collective is made up of an eclectic group of creatives whose talents range from singers, songwriters, and graphic designers, to content creators, DJ’s, and artists. Each creative brings their own energy and talent to the Collective, making the roster diverse and exciting.  

 Featured creators have been found through connections on campus and through the Collectivewebsite, where talents can submit a form to be featured or can even recommend a friend. This form can be found here  

 In regard to application competition, Amato stresses that the Collective focuses more on passionate people with exciting work than keeping their roster exclusive. “If you believe in your art, youre authentic and local, that’s all we look for.” With the mission to give smaller creatives a voice, the Collective is a great way to get work out to the public and find an audience.  

 So, what’s the next steps for the Collective? More press, including editorial work, photography, video and events, and hopefully a podcast in the future. This can all be summed up in their new tag-line: community, collaboration and creation. “We hope to be able to create an inclusive community of artists and creators.” Amato reassures. This community is not limited to just creators, but people who are trying to connect and be a part of the art scene are invited to community too.       

 The community that Amato is curating is taking the Denver creative scene by storm and invites others to be a part of it. Check out the In House Collective website here and keep up with the Collective and all the exciting talent that it has to offer on their Instagram page here 

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