How SGA is operating in the time of campus closure

Student Government President Jamie Sutliff and Vice President Peter Waller. Photo: Isaiah Mancha • The Sentry

Student Government President Jamie Sutliff and Vice President Peter Waller.
Photo: Isaiah Mancha • The Sentry

Elections, pass/no pass grading, and other things that are changing

Hi CU Denver, it’s Jamie and Peter, your Student Government President and Vice President! We are writing to you today in the hopes of updating you on the current state of our campus.

First off, we hope you are holding up and adjusting to your new environment okay. If you’re feeling lonely or sad, know that we are sending love and happy vibes your way. You may be wondering what SGA has been doing these past few days and you might be surprised that we’re busier than ever.

The past few weeks have been filled with ensuring that the student voice is heard in all the new changes and policies that are taking place across our University. We’ve been working diligently to collect student concerns and create solutions. We’ve been working hard on concerns such as Commencement, pass/no pass grading, Wi-Fi and computer access, and food insecurity.

CU Denver’s Assistant Director of Events, Kelly Mason, has been working tirelessly to deliver students with the best alternative Commencement options. We are confident in her ability to do just that and there will be more information available soon.

Just last week, we received wonderful news. Faculty and members of higher administration, including Provost Nairn and Sr. Vice Chancellor Dr. Linda Bowman, released the University’s comprehensive and very helpful pass/no pass grading policy. With this news, a great amount of stress was lifted off our shoulders. This grading policy allows students to opt into a Pass+/Pass/No Pass with none of these affecting your GPA. Be sure to talk with your academic advisor and financial aid folks to discuss this option further and what it might mean for you.

The Auraria campus elections will now be taking place April 20 – April 24. This is where you can vote for important issues, such as the RTD pass, a Compost Referendum, and your next Student Government representatives. We have made a YouTube channel called, “CU Denver SGA Elections” so you are able to get to know the candidates better. It is crucial to vote as these decisions affect your campus experience. Make sure your voice is heard!

Jamie just fought off COVID-19 after testing positive. Some of you may be wondering where to go or how to get tested. For members of the Auraria community, it’s quite easy. If you are experiencing any symptoms at all, please call the Health Center at Auraria at 303-615-9999 and they will be able to provide you with appropriate next steps.

Jamie has been spending her quarantine time watching a lot of shows and movies, specifically the infamous Tiger King. She has also been spending her time going on walks, learning how to embroider, and taking care of her pet betta fish.

Peter has been staying busy caring for his four animals, biking, and adding to his collection of Zoom backgrounds.

As always, please feel free to reach out with questions or concerns (!

Stay safe and healthy,
Jamie x Peter

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