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Bird watching is one option to enjoy the outdoors during quarantine. Photo: Jonathan Enssle The Sentry

Bird watching is one option to enjoy the outdoors during quarantine. Photo: Jonathan Enssle The Sentry
How to enjoy the outdoors from the front porch or backyard

There is nothing like going outside—the sunshine, the fresh air, and the breeze. In these unprecedented times, going outside is more valuable than ever, especially as travel is more restricted. However, two overlooked spots in most homes are the backyard and front porch. With this in mind, these two areas can be used for many different outdoor activities to help get through quarantine. 


This is easily one of the most rewarding tasks as it will pay off in many different ways. Requiring about 15 pounds of potting soiltwo seed trays, and seeds of any variety, gardening takes patience and a small budget. Planting flowers will reveal beautiful blooms for spring and summer, and planting vegetable will be a tasty reward for the rest of the year.  


Seen as a rocker chair activity, it can be very fulfilling and rewarding but requires patience and a little skillIt requires a small knife and a block of soft wood like basswood, all of which can be ordered online. This is the easiest option as an indoors task, but it’s best to be done outside, as it will leave wood chips everywhere.  

Bird watching 

As summer approaches, more birds are migrating back to their warm weather homes. On their way to the mountains and farther, they often stop by suburban areas for shelter and warmth. So, go outside to the backyard and use on of the many online birding guides as an aid for identifications. certain areas. A pair of binoculars are also helpful, but a smartphone camera can work almost as well. A location near a tree yields the best results as birds seek shelter in branches. 

Creating Social Media Posts 

This is one of the easiest outdoor activities. Taking a short video or a photo of what is happening outside and posting it is a great way to connect with friends and followers alike. Capture some of the small details most people don’t see and spend some time looking for a unique view 


Soaking up some golden rays while resting is a great way to recharge and distract from boredom and to re-center. This option is the best for high rise dwellers who may not have access to a yard but instead have a balcony. For apartment dwellers with no balcony, open a window and sit in the sun that comes through the window. This is the easiest option and requires the least space. 

Even though it may seem that outdoor options are restricted, trying to find time to be outdoors is important, as its essential for physical and mental wellbeing There are many options to enjoy the outdoors, and this list is only a few of them. Be creative, find what helps, and then go for it. Stay safe, stay healthy, stay away from people, and enjoy the outdoors. 

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