Sub Urban | Thrill Seeker | Album Review

Warner Records
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

After several popular singles, Sub Urban has finally returned in 2020 with his EP, Thrill Seeker. The EP features seven tracks, each of which delve into new realms of creativity for the artist. All seven songs expand into different areas of sound and message, creating a blend of diversity throughout the EP, while still being linked through the artists hauntingly distinctive, and catchy, electronic style.  

The first track off the EP is, “Freak,” which lures listeners in right off the bat. The song begins in the distorted ticking of a clock, conjoined with lyrics that seem to filter in through a static filled radio, singing, “Welcome to our freak show, come meet my monsters.” Deep bass pulsates throughout the single, interwoven with carefully placed snaps and various instrumental chords that build the captivating and creepy tune feeding through the song. The track also features the artist REI AMI whose vocals create a lighter layer in the mix, making the single one of the more definitive tracks.  

“Cirque” seems to take the listener melodically around a carousel. A heavy bass rhythm circles the undertones of trumpets which serve to borderline a more circus themed beat. The juxtaposition of the two create a flawless and addictive ebb and flow to the track, marking another distinctive song within the EP.  Darker lyrics such as, “We can fall in love or we can go insane” strum their way throughout the melody, relaying a determined and slightly manic state within the song. The piece eventually fades with trilling piano chords and lyrics that croon “Round and around we go. 

Overall, the EP focuses on darker themes, each matched by heavy bass and moody electronics that are carefully and distinctively wound throughout each track. Thrill Seeker effectively explores new territory for the artist and provides excitement for more releases and hopefully a full album soon to come.  

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