Lil Uzi Vert | Eternal Atake | Album Review

Atlantic Records
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Three years  after Luv Is Rage 2Lil Uzi Vert returned to the recording studios, releasing his third studio album in Eternal Atake. An album that may seem overly long with its 18 tracks, Eternal Atake is anything but that. It is rather an hour-long journey of rapid-fire beats, hardcore lyricism, and melodies that consistently keep audiences engaged all the way through. 

An album that features no prolific artistsexcept for one songUzi Vert holds his own in this solo outing of his. The track “Silly Watch” features Uzi rapping at a relentless pace over a dark, melancholy beat in a minor key. The lyrical genius is shown in segments as he raps: “One eye open, ‘Luminati like Fetty Wap / Microwave help me dry out the Redi Rock Throwin’ money, beat the pockets, got heavy knots.” 

The theme of Eternal Atake seems to be aliens and abductions. The melodramatic, low toned ending of “POP” and most of “You Better Move” features gruesome and sinister synth and effects that sounds like an invasion is getting ready to occur. “Chrome Heart Tags” opens to a euphonic, out of this world, symphony that transitions into a steady trap beat that creates a pleasing atmosphere with Uzi’s steady rap and background female vocals. 

The track “Urgency” ft. Syd opens like the previous, subtle and tranquil with the swishing of ocean waves that transitions into a calmer hip-hop beat that features steady bass and tempo. The duo of Uzi and Syd creates an energetic melody that is worth a listen. “Venetia” has a very uplifting tone, with more high key pitches and beats compared to previous darker ones. 

Eternal Atake is Lil Uzi Vert at the peak of his career. With a combination of dark, melancholy beats and light, uplifting tones, the album makes for the perfect listen, even if it may be an hour long. 

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