Plane Claps | Roger, Cleared to Land | Single Review

Shady Records
Rating: Thumbs Up

Airplane Claps has been in the shadows. That was until recently, when they released their new hit single “Roger, Cleared to Land.” This new, psychedelic, one beat melody opens to a single high pitch piano key. Audiences are rewarded with the soothing sound of a plane descending from the sky. Mellow bass meshes in with the piano key as static ignites, and the voice of the Operator says, “Roger, we’re cleared for landing.” The plane is heard landing and the song crescendos with a plethora of claps. The claps are all synchronized, providing a dreamlike experience as the melody repeats and the claps continue until the song fades out. For something that seems like such a nuisance, Airplane Claps hit the nail on the head. 

This article is April Fool’s content.

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