Keanu Reeves | Cold Blooded Killer | Album Review

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Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

After going through multiple movies and memes, the legendary Keanu Reeves decided to release music dedicated to himself. Not only can this man act, he has talent in the music business.  

“There’s so much I could do.” Reeves said. “I realized music is universal, so why not join what everyone else does? Sing. If I do say so myself, I’m pretty good at it. 

Reeves’ debut albumCold Blooded Killer, consists of two genres: hard rock mixed with bubblegum popDespite the aggressive instrumentals present throughout the album, the lyrics are as catchy as butterflies in the listener’s ears.  

The first track in the album shines out as an opener. The song “My Dog Named Andy” starts off soft as Reeves praises how cute beagle pups are. When the second verse comes, the instrumentals turn aggressive as Reeves croons about how Andy was lost to robbers. 

The fifth track, called “I Am Speed,” is the fastest track of the album. At 180 beats per minute, Reeves expresses his thoughts about modern timesalluding to the difficulty of connecting with people when our lives don’t seem to stop. One lyric in the chorus that stands out is him singing, “Life is too fast at times like a nonstop bus on a highway.”  

One of the last and most prominent songs is “In A Machine.” The song changes slightly compared to the rest of the record due to it using aspects of EDM music in it. In this track, Reeves uses beat drops and slows down the beat often like he is in slow motion. Lyrics from Reeves suggest technology has taken over, and he advises to drop it every now and then.  

There is no telling when Reeves will drop another album. However, the legacy of this album will live on for centuries.  

 This article is April Fool’s content.

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