A Quiet Place II deemed too loud by critics

Audiences will have to wait another five years for the film's release. Photo courtesy of IMP Awards

Audiences will have to wait another five years for the film’s release. Photo courtesy of IMP Awards

Release of Krasinski’s thriller will be delayed for significant reshoot

The John Krasinski thriller A Quiet Place was recently supposed to be succeeded by A Quiet Place Part II on March 20th. This did not happen, however, due to unforeseen release delays, namely the fact that the movie was deemed to be too loud by reviewers.  

Yes, film that was more or less meant to be silent has been slated for a delayed release for producing too much noise. Never mind the constant slurpingcrunching, and general mouth breathing of the moviegoers themselves. For a film that is meant to take place in a world where even the smallest sound could make the difference between life and death, the movies strategic silence was unceremoniously interrupted on more than one occasion 

The interruptions to the otherwise eerie silence include a scene featured in the film’s preview, in which a trip wire is triggered, resulting in the alarming and unexpected jangling of dozens of glass bottles. The result being actress Emily Blunt yelling, not signing, as viewers of the first film might expect, at her children to run. This was confusing for film critics who, once again, were expecting that in a world rampaged by monsters that feed on sound, that would be the last thing she would do. After all, Paramount Pictures synopsis literally says they are fighting for survival in silence. Emphasis on the word silence here, people!  

The only thing that could have been worse decision would have been if one of Abbott family’s children had decided that they should practice playing the tuba while being chased by the monsters they spent the entire first movie living in constant fear of. Not surprisingly, a decision was made to reshoot these scenes to appease the critics before releasing the hopefully, much quieter film, on October 31, 2025. 

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