Mystery box show kept the surprises coming

Swinging Noose Productions delivered a show every kind of music lover

As many Denver locals know, this city has a thriving music scene. One of the best parts about going to local shows and concerts is discovering new Colorado-based musicians. Trailside Saloon and Swinging Noose Productions saw the excitement that comes from discovering new artists and turned it into a concept for a show. The result of this idea is the Mystery Box Show. Nobody knows who’s playing except the performers themselves, the venue, and the producers and it’s kept a secret until the night of the event. Even during the event, nobody knows who’s next. It’s a perfect way to spend a night out with friends, grab a snack or some drinks, and discover new music to listen to.  

For one particular show, it wasn’t defined by a single genre, despite the promoters usually booking metal. There was a hip-hop performance, two metal bands, a singer-songwriter, some alternative music, and even some standup comedy special. The fun part about the show was that every act was unique and talented, some sticking out more than others.   

MC SLeR, a local rap artist, started his set off with some standup comedy that included funny stories about his life as an up-and-coming rapper and finished off his set with rapping about topics such as body image. His lyrics were relatable, honest, and easy to jam out to. Next, almost a completely opposite genre, groove/thrash metal band Manxome Foe took the stage with a passionate and entertaining performance. Their excellent blend of groove, thrash, and early deathcore sound left the audience banging their heads and wanting more. It seemed like they drew a lot of inspiration from bands such as Pantera, who are often hailed as the kings of groove metal.  

One last band worth noting is Ozonic, an alternative rock band from Colorado Springs. They had an electronic, heavy yet dreamy sound similar to Modest Mouse. They also had a keytar, which reminds audiences of early new wave and electronic music. Their performance included audience participation, fog, lights, and overall excitement. The high energy was contagious, to say the least.  

This was the first mystery box show Swinging Noose Productions and Trailside put together, and because of its success, there should be more in the works! Seeing new innovative ideas for shows and music is refreshing and exciting for artists and listeners alike. Music enthusiasts around Denver are always keeping their eyes peeled for more opportunities and performances to enjoy live music in the city 

Artist socials: @MCSLeR@manxomefoe_official, and @ozonicband 

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