From The Editor: Embracing the New Normal

Illustration: Mazie Neill· The Sentry


Illustration: Mazie Neill· The Sentry
Photo: Taelar Pollmann · The Sentry
A Message from The Sentry

Dear Readers,

With recent news circulating about the impending threat of Covid-19, in addition to the enforcement of social distancing, after much deliberation, The Sentry will operate as an online-only publication for the rest of the semester. In this period of contemplation and solitude, I wish you all a stress-free readjustment in embracing the new normal and hope you all are staying safe. In these confusing, strange, and dare I say kind of annoying times, I ask you all to take this moment to connect with family and friends (at the discretion of your safety of course). And for those who are just a little far from home or even living alone, just know that everything will be okay and you’re not alone and that reaching out to people for companionship is a great way to get through these tough times. Most importantly however, we implore you all to remember to stay informed and updated as more news about Covid-19 is released. At the very least, The Sentry will return to being a both print and online publication by fall semester, but we encourage you all to keep up with our social media and website with updates and more information on our publication. In this significant time of our lives, The Sentry will continue to uphold being a reliable source for keeping students and faculty alike on the Auraria Campus up-to-date with today’s socio-political climate. We appreciate your patience and cooperation.

Best Wishes,

Jaleesia Fobbs

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