Pricilla Rahn runs for CU regent

Photo: Courtesy of Priscilla Rahn Rahn’s aims to offer diversity, inclusivity and representation for all CU students.

Photo: Courtesy of Priscilla Rahn
Rahn’s aims to offer diversity, inclusivity and representation for all CU students.
What this means for CU Denver students

The Univeristy of Colorado regent positions are similar to what people would expect to see on a board of education for K-12 schooling systems. The regents make decisions for all schools in the CU System, including overseeing the system’s budget, selecting the president and other university officials, determining tuition, and organizing what the priorities of the university will be. One regent is elected to represent each of Colorado’s seven congressional districts on a 6 year term. The terms are staggered, meaning that the elections held for each position are not held at the same time. One of the candidates for the 6th Congressional District is Pricilla Rahn.

Rahn is a 26-year veteran teacher who has her master’s degree in education administration and organization. She’s managed a budget of over 1.1 million dollars in the pastand has also been awarded with the Harriet Tubman “Moses” Teacher of the Year award. Rahn’s main goals  becoming regent are to offer diversity, inclusivity and representation for all CU students, as well as, offer rigorous education to students currently enrolled at any CU campus. She believes that students should have access to the best staff, facilities, and programs to ensure that students are getting a high quality education.

“An easy way to think about my stance is to think of EDU. ‘E’ stands for “excellence and education” ‘D’ stands for “diversity and access” and the ‘U’ stands for utilization. So going a little more into depth about education and excellence. I believe that all students should have a very rigorous education. So when you come to any CU campus you know you’re going to have world class faculty, world class facilities, and access to programs that are going to help make sure students are being supported adequately and equitability.”

She then goes on to explain that the ‘D’ in EDU means that all students, whether born in the U.S, an immigrant, or an international student, should all have access to the same resources that other students have access to. “Kids are coming with different backgrounds, and ideologies, religions and viewpoints. Students should feel the freedom to express their voice without being shut down or [having] any repercussions. …You can’t have inclusivity without diversity. As students you should be able to look at your governing board and see someone that looks like you, see someone who represents your viewpoint and will protect that.”

The ‘U’ for utilization means that when a student gets their degree, they should be able to get a job in that profession the next day. “If your degree doesn’t get you a job that means that you don’t have access to money and work. A degree does you no good if you can’t use it.” She wants to help students of this generation get into degree programs that can be used when entering the work force.

For more information on Pricilla Rahn and her policies feel free to visit or visit the Facebook page Rahn for CU Regent.

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