King Falls AM is a podcast meant for people who love conspiracies

This fictional podcast is a must-listen for fans of conspiracy theories. Photo courtesy of King Falls

This fictional podcast is a must-listen for fans of conspiracy theories. Photo courtesy of King Falls
A mix between Gravity Falls and Welcome to Night Vale, with better insults 

The sleepy town of King Falls is a place where anything can happen. Where rainbow lights abduct locals to apparitions of Abraham Lincoln residing in a library to shadow demons calling into the local AM radio station, something odd is bound to happen. Hosted by a sassy dad with a man-bun and an eager journalist hell-bent on solving whatever mystery comes his way, this rag-tag team is weaving its audiences through this fictional podcast’s conspiracies on King Fall’s secrets.  

Sammy Stevens and Ben Arnold are the main characters of the podcast, co-hosting The Sammy and Ben Show. They guide their audience through the general madness of King Falls and the trials of audience members who call into the show in the wee hours of the morning. No matter how hard they pray to Jack in the Box Jesus, the Lord and Savior of this fictional world, these two hosts cannot catch a break, as week after week something newly paranormal or odd seems to pop up. Sammy and Ben are often caught in the mysteries surrounding the leaders of the town, the glowing lights in the sky, and the mysterious scientology knock-off institution operating just down the road. 

 Even though the story is well written, it is the people of King Falls who add the charm. Xavier “get right with god” Hawthorne is a reverend that travels across the country to spread the gospel and has also opened a mini-golf establishment, Glory Holes. Olivia DuPont is a medium with a specialty in animal spirits. Dr. Jeffrey Rosenblum is the county coroner that speaks in rap quotes and text slang and may or may not be raising an army of the dead. These folks and many more bring the sparkle to King Falls with their small-town demeanors and supernatural problems. 

Not only are the people of Kings Falls fun and charming, the show itself is also hilarious. Every episode has a quotable moment, and the insults are ones the audience will want to use in real life. “I sincerely hope you catch a frog-based STD and die” is one of the many colorful insults of the program. The humor is well done and combines mystery and drama to create one of the most entertaining podcasts on air. The audience will surely begin referring to raccoons as garbage bears and snakes as nope ropes.” The podcast is perfectly quirky in every way. 

This podcast is an enjoyable experience any listener is sure to get hooked on. While the town of King Falls is fictional, the audience is transported through the airwaves to the town where anything happens. Not only is the show amazing, but according to, it is now “Gluten free” for all those out there with certain dietary restrictions. For those who miss Gravity Falls and love Welcome to Night ValeKing Falls AM is another wonderful addition to the smalltownwithsupernaturalevents genre. 

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