How to get involved in politics

Photo: Samantha Camp · The Sentry College students can get involved with both local and national politics.

Photo: Samantha Camp · The Sentry
College students can get involved with both local and national politics.
Getting involved in politics isn’t as difficult as some believe 

Regardless of political affiliation, getting involved in politics is important. Sure, it may be scary combing through all the different parties and non-profits who all have various goals and visions, but it is much easier to get involved in the right organization than one might think.

One way to get involved in politics is right on CU Denver’s campus with student-led organizations. If students are looking for direct involvement, IGNITE and New Era Colorado are some of the most accessible organizations. They aim to get more young people involved in politics through leadership initiatives including voter drives, policy workshops, and meetings with local elected officials. If students would like to get involved with a more party-affiliated group, students should check out Students for a Democratic Society for a more liberal-leaning organization or Turning Point USA for those who are more conservative. Both organizations are involved in educating and organizing their fellow students around the causes the organizations stand for.

If a CU Denver student would like to learn more about any of the organizations mentioned, students can log on to MyLynx and be educated in the club of their choice.

Another way to get involved in politics is through canvassing with either political campaigns or non-profits. Students have most likely seen canvassers asking to donate money to their cause or to educate them on the issues at hand. What most students may not know is that the canvassers with larger organizations such as the Human Rights Act Campaign are paid to engage with the public on issues the canvassers care about. If students are looking for something more casual, presidential candidates are hiring volunteers for their campaigns. With the upcoming election, candidates are looking to increase their outreach through public engagement. Canvassers are tasked with educating the public on the candidate’s primary issues. The canvassers work directly with the local branches of presidential campaigns to ensure that the issues they are discussing are relatable to the locals. This ensures that the outreach is effective towards the community and it gives the canvassers the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of current political events.

If students are looking for more in-depth opportunities within the political community, internships are another option to further expand their knowledge and involvement. Local politicians hire interns each semester that help draft policy briefs, answer voter calls, and assist with research for communication purposes. Internships provide opportunities to get hands-on experience while networking with officials that influence local and national policies. If students are interested in these opportunities, check their local Senators or Representatives websites to learn more about the application process.

While there are many levels of political involvement, it is important that students know that they are able to advocate for the change they wish to see in the world through easily accessible organizations and opportunities. For those students who are inspired begin a career in politics or are just interested in volunteering but don’t know where to start, these opportunities can encourage generational change in other voters.

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