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Photo: Taelar Pollmann · The Sentry

Illustration: Taylor “Kat” Goodman· The Sentry
Photo: Taelar Pollmann · The Sentry
PSA: Play Animal Crossing

After today, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is expected to be released in less than 10 days and I have not only pre-ordered it to arrive the day of its release but have cleared my entire Spring Break schedule to build my island town (which I finally settled on naming it “July” after my recent obsession of watching Trigun) from the ground-up. Jesus Christ can I be more of a weeb. What I’m getting at here is that if you need to speak to me at all over break, I respectfully apologize, but I will not be available. So, in honor of Animal Crossing: New Horizon’s release, and in a fashion similar to one of my previous columns where I listed random facts about myself, here is a list of random facts and opinions that truly encapsulate my undying love for Animal Crossing: 

1. Animal Crossing was the first game I got for my Nintendo DS Lite.

2. The GameCube was actually my first console, but I never played the Animal Crossing version released for it. 

3. I have gotten every Nintendo console since my DS Lite only for the sole purpose of playing Animal Crossing. 

4. Portia, the snooty dalmatian, is my favorite female character in the entire series. 

5. I refuse to let her leave my town even when she’s thinking about moving.

6. Hugh, the lazy, blue pig is my favorite male character in the series.

7. We often bond over food and doing absolutely nothing because merely living is too much of an effort. (Too dark?)

8. Puck, the sporty penguin, is the worst resident I have ever had come into my town. 

9. Bug hunting is superior to fishing and no one can convince me otherwise.

10. Tom Nook is a crook. 

11. The kiddie furniture collection is absolutely the most atrocious furniture collection in the entire game.

12. The lovely furniture collection is a close second. 

13. The green, cabin, and modern wood furniture collection combined is every interior designer’s kink. (I don’t make the rules)

14. Dr. Shrunk, the comedic axolotl, is my favorite recurring character. 

15.  And finally, I’m just going to say it…but Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is the worst game in the franchise :/

Photo: Taelar Pollmann· The Sentry


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