Echosmith shines bright at the Bluebird Theater

Photo: Samantha Camp • The Sentry Echosmith brings familial bonds to the Bluebird.

Photo: Samantha Camp • The Sentry
Echosmith brings familial bonds to the Bluebird.
Family band bonds over the “lonely generation”

Walking into The Bluebird Theater, audience members were soon acquainted with one another in the small, but intimate setting. The stage was simply set with various instruments, colored lights, and a single banner that read “Lonely Generation,” the title of Echosmith’s latest album.

Jayden Bartels kicked off the show with an original song titled “The Group.” She moved through her set playing both originals and covers with either her ukulele or keyboard. Soon, the lights changed from a soft pink to a deep red as Weathers took the stage. The band played an energetic set that included songs from the album Kids In The Night, as well as a few new singles. Lead singer Cameron Boyce lit the stage up with dance moves that inspired the crowd to sway along to the beat. Meanwhile, band members Cameron Olsen, guitar, Brennen Bates, bass, and Cole Carson, drums, drove the beat forward throughout the set into their last song “I’m Not Okay.”

Buzzing with anticipation, the theater began to fill with fans as the final stage was set. Soon the lights dimmed and Sydney Sierota, lead singer of Echosmith, burst into the spotlight with infectious energy. Large confetti filled balloons were tossed above the crowd as “Love You Better” permeated the crowd. Fans danced along to the rhythm as the band played “Diamonds” as well as assisted in singing the chorus to “Over My Head.” Sierota’s confidence on stage was illuminated with cellphone lights as the group performed “Bright,” a fan favorite, from their debut album Talking Dreams.

Echosmith began their musical journey as a family band. While speaking about the meaning of their latest album, Sydney Sierota acknowledged the importance of The Lonely Generation and how the band has grown, not only as a band but as a family. As a treat, they brought their father and manager, Jeffery David, on stage to play piano as siblings Sydney and Noah Sierota, bass, sang “Everyone Cries.”

As Sierota was setting up to tell the crowd the story behind the song “Follow You,” she explained that she wrote the song for her now husband the night before their wedding as the crowd cheered while touring guitarist Jacob Evergreen began picking the rhythm.

As the night came to a close, the band wrapped up their main set by covering Dua Lipa’s “Don’t Start Now,” which moved the crowd into a frenzy of groovy dance moves. The groove lingered into their final song of the set “Stuck.”

But the show wasn’t over just yet. The band returned for an encore with an explosive performance of “Loneliest Generation,” using marching bass drums to enhance the pulse. After a sweet monologue about not being the cool kid, the band played “Cool Kids,” the song that put them on the radar. As the crowd sang along, audience members were struck with a sense of belonging. While the title of their album and tour is Lonely Generation, the crowd left the show not feeling so lonely anymore.

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