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Photo: Taelar Pollmann · The Sentry

Photo: Taelar Pollmann · The Sentry
Time in a Bottle

So, here’s the thing: There is simply too much content to digest in this day and age and I’m tired of keeping up. It’s getting to the point where I just get so overwhelmed with music, tv shows, and movies that I end up crawling into bed and watching Fleabag…again (I’ve watched it six times now… am I okay? No, I am not). It’s not just the new content being produced but because I wasted my adolescence being uncultured, I’m trying to balance combing through old content as well.

As of now, personally, I have to balance watching at least one anime in tangent with a drama. Right now, it’s Trigun and Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. But at the same time, I’m taking a break on watching Naruto and Game of Thrones because all of the episodes I haven’t watched make me dizzy and it’s too much of a time commitment. And for anyone who watches anime, you know how much anime there is, and I’ve barely scratched the surface of watching the og’s.

Now don’t even get me started on movies. Ever since I started school at CU Denver and was introduced into the world of film via my friends, I am lightyears behind catching up on notable films. I haven’t seen Parasite or Us yet and as a result, continue to get scathing looks from Xander every time I delay doing so. And don’t get me wrong, I want to be a part of the conversation and I want to talk about films because before I didn’t really care, and now I do. How foolish I was, now I’m sweating just to keep up. To be fair though, it’s not like anyone’s forcing me to do this but I feel left out and honestly bad when I can’t give a film, tv show, or artist the attention they deserve.

I guess to wrap up this tangent, I’ll just briefly mention music:   All I’ve been listening to is King Krule, (whose new album I will be reviewing so keep a look out for that) so you can see how that’s been going.

Overall, the fact that I mentioned a grain of sand-sized fragment of content that can fill hundreds of beaches is a problem. Even writing down this column, I didn’t have that much room to discuss the pending movies, shows, and music on my list as well as those I’ve left behind. This is painfully a first world problem but I just wish time could just stop or slow down ya’ know?


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