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Photo: Taelar Pollmann ⋅ The Sentry

Photo: Taelar Pollmann ⋅ The Sentry


I love a good snack.  In fact, my partner has often told me that if I ruled a country the motto on my flag would be, “I need a snack,” based on how often I say that to her.  She has gone on to add that the image accompanying the motto would be a piece of popcorn. 

To me the perfect snack is any kind of food that can be grazed upon at a leisurely pace while doing other activities like writing or playing board games.  Bonus points if the food doesn’t leave behind a residue or sauce and requires very little clean up overall.   

As far as the pinnacle snack, it would have to be popcorn.  It is favorable, lightly salted, bathed in butter, paired with caramel, or coated in sugar.  In my opinion the best application of popcorn would be in the form of kettle corn.  Specifically, Angie’s Boom Chicka Pop’s Sweet and Salty Kettle Corn. 

This tasty treat is not only both salty and sweet, but popcorn in general has both a puffy and crunchy texture that pleases all the taste buds.  It can be made via the stovetop, a traditional popcorn machine with a kettle, in the microwave, or even through an air popper.  All these methods have their own pros and cons, and, in the end, it comes down to personal preference. 

The microwave isn’t the best option in every case but with popcorn it is.  However, a person should never attempt to pop popcorn with the popcorn button.  That will only end in sadness and a smell that will linger inside the microwave for weeks to come. 

Another fantastic snack involving popcorn is a twist on the rice crispie treat.  Instead of the classic crispie pieces, they are replaced by fully popped pieces of popcorn that are molded into balls with melted marshmallows.  The possibilities with this snack are endless.  Popcorn is universal and should always be an option when deciding on snacks. 


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