Rom-coms for a Valentine’s Day in

This rom-com combines awkward and tender moments, making it a classic. Photo courtesy of IMP Awards

This rom-com combines awkward and tender moments, making it a classic.
Photo courtesy of IMP Awards

Not everyone desires to go out on Valentine’s Day. Sometimes curling up in cozy sweatpants with sweet treats to watch a wholesome rom-com is much more fulfilling than going to crowded restaurants on a date. The Sentry staff understands this and suggests watching these favorite staff picks on February 14.

The Proposal – Sang Dao

Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock make The Proposal a better romantic comedy than other movies of the same genre. The Proposal is a classic rom-com that mixes awkward moments like meeting family for the first time and tender moments like trying on wedding dresses with close relatives. This movie has moments for everyone to enjoy.

Punch-Drunk Love – Evelyn Witterholt

Tired of the dull look and feel of most rom-coms out there? Go watch Punch-Drunk Love. The film stars Adam Sandler as a socially anxious business owner who falls in love with his sister’s coworker. It’s a simple plot, but there’s so much to get out of it. The film is a sensory experience like no other. The score is both cheerful and anxiety-inducing, which compliments the film perfectly. And don’t knock Sandler’s acting abilities before giving the film a chance; he actually gives his best performance here.

Man Up – Amanda Blackman

Name one other rom-com with a cuter meeting than two people bonding over a Silence of the Lambs quote. One of the most rewatchable rom-coms, Man Up tells the story of Nancy (Lake Bell), who is mistaken by Jack (Simon Pegg) for his blind date. On Nancy’s mission to be more daring, she decides to embrace the chance encounter, bringing on a chaotic evening of encounters with old flames, truths being exposed, and falling in love.

Better Off Dead – Kennedy Erhart

One of the more eccentric rom-coms from the 80s, Better Off Dead starring John Cusack proves to be a dark twist on the stereotypical rom-com when Cusack’s character makes the morbid decision to kill himself after his girlfriend dumps him. The film, while probably insensitive for today’s standards, details his bumbling attempts at suicide—all of which fail miserably, thus leading Cusack to a new romantic interest, the girl next door, that oddly fits more into the cliche of the standard 80s rom-com. Better Off Dead, while certainly dark in themes, proves to be a nice change of pace for the usual gushy romantic comedy. 

Notting Hill – Haley Frank

William Thacker (Hugh Grant), an owner of a quaint bookstore in Notting Hill, and Anna Scott (Julia Roberts), big-time actress, were not supposed to meet given their very different lifestyles, but a chance encounter in that bookstore sends them down the same path, where a love interest starts to grow. An iconic scene of the two in a garden coupled with a heartfelt soundtrack will make any movie watcher swoon for this movie. With obstacles of an ex-boyfriend, paparazzi, and an unconventional roommate, it seems like their love story has a less-than-desirable ending, but Notting Hill reminds viewers that those who seem out of reach can actually be “just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.”

This list of rom-coms were compiled with all the necessary TLC, sure to brighten anyone’s Valentine’s Day and make for an entertaining marathon.

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