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Hayley Williams | Simmer | Single Review

Atlantic Records
Rating: Thumbs up

Hayley Williams, the queen of pop punk herself, has graced the world with a new single, “Simmer.” The first single off her first solo album, “Simmer” is a sexy blend of new-wave synth pop and indie rock. Williams’ vocal capabilities are unparalleled: with the range of a goddess, Williams seamlessly glides between high moans and gravelly cries. She whispers, cries, whines, sighs, all in under four minutes. Oscillating between sounds, Williams creates the image of an angry narrator, with stunning lyrics, like “Rage is a quiet thing” and “How do you draw the line between wrath and mercy?” The funky, provocative drumline paired with a staccati chorus inspires a sexy, red-hot melody. “Simmer” is the perfect reintroduction to Williams’ talent and artistry. 

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