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Hayley Kiyoko | I’m Too Sensitive For This Shit | Album Review

EMPIRE/Atlantic Records
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

I’m Too Sensitive For This Shit, the newest project (EP) of Hayley Kiyoko, was released in January 2020 after the announcement of the project and title in fall 2019. The project thus far isn’t meant for an album. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Kiyoko explained, “I’m just trying this new thing where if I write it; I’m just going to release it.”

The title is bold, personal, and unapologetic, an overall reflection of its tracks. With each track in the project, they all touch on a more personal level, each one discussing struggles that deal mainly with relationships and mental health. With both being heavier topics, Kiyoko does a perfect job of keeping the songs fast-paced and energetic while also simultaneously holding true to their underlying messages.

The first song in the EP, “Demons,” leans to the darker side of Kiyoko’s music. The track begins with muffled lyrics that lead into a pulsating synthesizer that captivates its way through the rest of the song and perfectly pairs underneath the chorus, “Please forgive me, I’ve got demons in my head / Tryna eat me, tryna feed me, lies until I’m dead.”  “Demons” seems to stand as the statement piece out of the five songs on the EP, the other four being somewhat lighter, feeding more off relationships with others vs. the self.

“she,” is the final release of the project. The song begins with a simple drumbeat paired with a lighter synthesizer, soon synchronizing with the lyrics, “She acts like she’s in 7th grade / But actually she’s 28.” In this track, Kiyoko focuses on just living her life and not being “old with one regret.” The rest of the song follows suit through swaying melodies and a background of higher notes that mix for a dreamier sound.

I’m Too Sensitive For This Shit is an impressive collection of singles each dealing with their own level of personal issues in catchy, rhythmic melodies. The project leaves hope for an album, as well as the incorporation of these singles into a, hopefully soon, tour.

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