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The Rewatch

What is ‘best’ in entertainment fluctuates from person to person but there are certain pieces of entertainment that transcend all obstacles to become staples of our society.  The shows that first come to my mind that hold this level of popularity are: I Love Lucy, Seinfeld, Will & Grace, and The Office. 

These shows all have overlaps in their character dynamics and structure of storytelling, but beyond that, they all share a major commonality: they have a high rewatch value.  Out of all of the shows mentioned above, I have watched The Office the most. 

There is comfort in the sound of the main title’s jingle as the now beloved actors are credited for their iconic roles.  This show and those like it that have a rapid-fire delivery system for their jokes require multiple viewings of episodes to fully appreciate each and every joke, especially the silent comedy of the supporting actors in the background. 

The modern masterpiece, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, is the most recent show that I literally restarted as soon as I finished the first season.  The writing and visuals of this show are so good that they do not dull after repeated  viewings. 

In relation to my uptake in rewatching my favorite television shows, I have noticed a drastic decrease in the number of movies I grant with a second or third viewing.  Maybe this is due to the form of entertainment.  In my opinion, movies simply cannot relay the same quality of content in a handful of hours that television shows are able to flush out over many seasons. 

A show can provide background noise for days while a single film won’t even last an afternoon.  The amount of our lives we spend enjoying a piece of entertainment determines its worth more than any award ever will. 

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