Guess who’s coming to student government?

Student Government President Jamie Sutliff and Vice President Peter Waller. Photo: Isaiah Mancha • The Sentry

Student Government President Jamie Sutliff and Vice President Peter Waller.
Photo: Isaiah Mancha • The Sentry

Sustainability reps, mark kennedy, and more

This spring semester, SGA wants to encourage every student to begin getting involved with their representatives. It is imperative to understand what initiatives representatives are working on to ensure the work that’s being done is essential to you.  

A couple of initiatives we accomplished last semester, that we’d like to highlight, are securing a Sustainability Representative. This year we have been focused on trying to make CU Denver greener and it’s a big step in the right direction in doing so. This new position will continue to be on SGA in the future years to come and will be a champion for sustainability on our campus. 

Another initiative accomplished last semester was helping to restructure new student orientations and convocation. We have been focused on trying to create meaningful relationships beginning the first time students step onto our campus.  

A few initiatives we are looking forward to this semester are campus wide composts and advocating for students at the statehouse. Campus wide composting has been in the works for months now and has a lot of momentum. We’re working closely with campus facility directors and higher administration to make this possible.  

As you may or may not know, The University of Colorado lacks state funding. We want to advocate for money and policies with the help of our Government Relations team. There are multiple events coming up that will allow students to be able to tell stories and speak with state legislators. Come and talk to us if you’re interested in these.  

On another important note, the first Senate meetings have some keynote speakers. On January 24 (at 12:30 p.m. in Tivoli 640), which is always open to the public, we’ll host President Mark Kennedy and some people from his team to update students on the strategic planning progress. 

The second Senate meeting on January 31 at the same time and location, will host Provost Narin to talk about challenges and opportunities our campus is facing.  

We wish you all the best this semester, come by and meet us in Tivoli 301! 

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