Three powerhouses on the up and up

Photo courtesy of Facebook Three musicians taking the music industry by storm

Photo courtesy of Facebook
Three musicians taking the music industry by storm
Rising artists rock the industry

As the turn of another decade approaches, it is astounding how much music is at the tap of a finger. It has never been easier for talent from all around the world to display their music. As the pool of content expands, it can be hard for an artist to get a major break. But for these three powerhouse musicians, breaking through seems to only be the beginning.    

To no surprise, powerhouse number one is Billie Eilish. At only 17 years old, she can now sell out a show at Red Rocks in less than a day easier than she could buy a pack of cigarettes at 7-Eleven (not that she would want to with a voice like that). Little did 14-year-old Eilish know, the SoundCloud release of “Ocean Eyes” would eventually lead to nearly all of her debut album’s songs charting on the Billboard Hot 100. 

Up-and-coming Jorja Smith is a noteworthy, power house number two. Born and raised in Walsall, England, she has a lot of awesome features with neo-soul and hip-hop Brits like Loyle Carner and Tom Misch. Much like Billie, she released “Blue Lights” on SoundCloud, drawing inspiration while writing her dissertation. The song quickly picked up traction with audiences and fellow musicians alike, and before she knew it, she was collaborating with Kendrick Lamar and touring with Kali Uchis.    

Finally, Lizzo steals the spotlight for powerhouse number three. The Houston native who has been rocking it in the underground hip-hop scene gained mainstream traction with her major release, Cuz I Love You. A witty rapper and a classically trained flautist, her music is “Church with a twerk” as she describes it. She has also used her musical style and presence to be a vehicle for empowering women and women of color all around the world while also advocating for body positivity (evident in her own beautifully confident album cover). Lizzo has turned her own struggles into a productive power.   

Look out for these women in the next decade, they have the talent and rising stardom to influence the world in a major way.

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