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The best video game of the year has no name

Untitled Goose Game lets players annoy others to their heart’s content.
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Untitled Goose Game

2019 has been a year of many great video games. Blair Witch terrified the masses, Days Gone provided all with a heart-wrenching story set in the zombie apocalypse, and Observation led the player on a Kubrickian-style adventure to space. However, the real showstopper of 2019 and the best game of the year has to be Untitled Goose Game, released for PC and Nintendo Switch. The player takes on the role of an ornery goose, wreaking absolute havoc on an unsuspecting English village.

The tone of the game is quaint and goofy, the premise alone can make anyone giggle, or gaggle, as the geese say. When a button exists for the sole purpose of honking at people going about their day, it is surely a game with merit. Untitled Goose Game proves that a good game does not need hyper-realistic graphics with its minimalistic animation and simple concept. This puzzle stealth experience challenges players just enough to keep the game interesting without frustrating them into quitting. Even if the player does not wish to focus on the tasks assigned to them, the whole world is theirs to explore.

This video game will change the way a person looks at geese, with suspicion or with understanding, only the player can decide. This entirely fun concept is not too long or too short, has an enjoyable amount of difficulty, and gives players a break from the dramatic and violent mainstream video games. Not everyone enjoys zombies, but the majority are sure to enjoy learning what it truly means to be a goose.

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