Reboots, sequels, and fanchise fatigue

2019’s share of sequels and reboots only somewhat hit the mark. Photos courtesy of IMP Awards

2019’s share of sequels and reboots only somewhat hit the mark.
Photos courtesy of IMP Awards

the best and worst of this year on the silver screen

2019 has been a year packed full of movies coming from Hollywood that are either reboots of old movies or sequels. While the rule has been the original film is always better, lately the sequels have proven this rule a thing of the past.

Doctor Sleep and It Chapter Two are both psychological horror films based off of Stephen King novels. Not only do they delve into past trauma and its effects on a person, but they deliver on the horror in big ways. Both films ramp up the suspense minute after minute, finally paying off with a well-constructed spook from clowns, to ghosts, and everything in between. Both are action-packed films that prove that continuations are not always things to dread, or in this case, these films succeeded in their goal of creating dread.

On the other hand, Men in Black: International had a great original series to base its story off of, a stellar cast,  amazing special effects, and managed to create a story that was lackluster in execution. Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson have proven they work well on screen, but the writing for this sequel made their talent fall flat. Rather than explore more of the galaxy, they focus once more on a bug like villain, replaying the first movie over in an unimaginative way.

Every year, there will be movies that end up on someone’s favorites list while it ends up being the most hated for someone else. Sequels to look forward to in the upcoming year include a new James Bond film, No Time to Die, Wonder Woman 1984, and Top Gun: Maverick. 2020 is sure to be another year of great films, hopefully that is true for the sequels as well.

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