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The Avengers assemble after the portals open. Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios

The Avengers assemble after the portals open.
Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios

While movies as a whole get attention, sometimes individual scenes can make a movie memorable. Even those who did not see these movies in their entirety could still recognize them from their iconic scenes. 

For Marvel fans, Avengers: Endgame was a spectacle, but everyone knows the scene when the dream team of heroes enters the epic final fight scene through the portals that Dr. Strange opens. A small yellow glow radiates over Captain America’s shoulder during one of his lowest points against Thanos and grows to reveal Black Panther and his army. Falcon then flies through the air, where many more portals open for the revived heroes who disappeared after Thanos’ snap, including the Guardians of the Galaxy and Spider-Man.

Similar to Avengers: Endgame, the battle scene on the train from Captain Marvel caught the attention of Marvel fans and others. Captain Marvel follows a shapeshifter on a train who is disguised as an elderly woman unbeknownst to the hero herself. Acting on more than a hunch, Captain Marvel punches the woman across the face, getting a shocked reaction from the rest of the passengers. This scene not only made a hilarious moment but also created memes, including ones that touched on boomer culture. 

Shifting genres of movies, Booksmart brought a laugh-out-loud experience with progressive yet heartfelt moments. After a night of parties, an uncomfortable Uber ride with their principal, and a less-than-successful “mugging,” Molly and Amy frantically drive to the ceremony in their caps and gowns in a scene that made it into several trailers. The erratic driving that consists of doughnuts and peel outs allowed for slow motion close-ups of both the girls screaming and smiling during their last big adventure before they graduate. 

The Netflix original Always Be My Maybe did not get as much attention as a whole, but the unexpected appearance from Keanu Reeves was trending on social media. The unproblematic and beloved actor made a bizarre cameo in a couple of scenes. The simple fact that Reeves was in this movie made any scene with him in it iconic for viewers and non-viewers alike. 

Whether it be scenes with heroes assembling or simple ones with great actors, they can be iconic in and of themselves and have the ability to make a movie. 

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