Biggest disappointments in TV and film

Photo courtesy of IMP Awards

Photo courtesy of IMP Awards
Cinematic duds

The trailer of a movie or television show is meant to spark interest and excitement surrounding the project, and many often succeed. However, just because the trailer is good, that does not mean the actual content will be. These are a few of the most disappointing moments of film and television of the year 2019.

No disappointment list would be complete without the series ending of Game of Thrones. While most of the season was exciting and masterfully crafted, the last two episodes threw the character development of the past seasons completely out the window. Experimentation with characters is fun and interesting, but when a crew disregard the wishes and hopes of the majority of fans causing them disappointment and frustration, then why make the show in the first place?

Another disappointment comes right from Netflix. This streaming service seemingly has endless funding for many creative and wild projects. However, when there is that much funding for so many different projects, some of them are bound to fail. One disappointment is Rim of the World where four children must stop an alien invasion. An unfortunate aspect of this film is its rather harmful stereotyping of black characters, making them all the “loud, obnoxious, and selfish” characters. This simple concept of children being heroic can be taken in many different ways, but it unfortunately fell flat in its writing.

Last, and certainly the least, is The Lion King reboot with its terrible animation and exact copy of the original film. If Rocket Raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy can have visible emotion, and the original Sonic from the trailer-that-shall-not-be-named can have too much emotion, then why can’t the lions in the movie where all the characters are lions?

People have different opinions about the content they enjoy watching and it is important to respect the creative process of the cast and crew. However, when making a film or show and the majority of audiences leave feeling let down, then it should have been taken in a different direction.

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