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Photo Courtesy of Live Nation The Jonas Brothers pulled out all the stops for their comeback.

Photo Courtesy of Live Nation
The Jonas Brothers pulled out all the stops for their comeback.
The Jonas Brothers did it best

The nostalgia train has not left the station quite yet. Disney boyband, the Jonas Brothers, stormed the music scene in 2019, releasing their first track since their 2013 split. Citing “creative differences,” the band, consisting of three brothers, Nick, Joe, and Kevin, weren’t terribly optimistic on the chances of a comeback. But surprise, surprise! The brothers shocked fans by dropping a single and a music video on March 1, 2019. The song, entitled “Sucker,” debuted at number one on the Billboard Hot 100, the first time since 2008 they had been able to score a top 10 entry. 

But the reunion didn’t stop there.

On June 7, the group released their fifth studio album Happiness Begins, which is technically their sixth album overall. Happiness Begins debuted at the top of the US Billboard 200 and maintained its position for over two months. 

The album release was preceded by a documentary on the band, entitled Chasing Happiness. The documentary premiered on June 4 on Amazon Prime, preceding their world tour that began on Aug. 7 in Miami, which will carry the band into 2020. 

In a year already filled to the brim with insane nostalgia trips, such as reboots of movies like Charlie’s Angels, The Lion King, SHAFT, and Dumbo, or TV shows like 90210, the music industry hasn’t missed out on the fun.

The Jonas Brothers aren’t the only musical reunion of 2019. They join the ranks of other prolific bands like My Chemical Romance, Rage Against the Machine, the Pixies, Tool, and the Spice Girls.

But the Jonas Brothers did it best. Their sound is still malleable and easy to adjust for a new generation of listeners, but they keep it familiar enough to excite the fans who loved them back in their early-2000’s heyday. They also didn’t do their reunion halfway. They kept all original members, unlike the Spice Girls or *NSYNC. They didn’t just do a tour or a show without releasing new tracks, like My Chemical Romance. When the Jonas Brothers come back, they really come back.

So in a year with no shortage of nostalgia being forcibly thrust upon the general public in the interest of capitalism, the Jonas Brothers made sure to hold everyone’s attention.

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