My Chemical Romance | The Black Parade | Retro Album Review

Reprise Records
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Former emo kids, alternative music fans, and general music enthusiasts alike were all shocked and pleasantly surprised when legendary band My Chemical Romance announced a reunion after a six-year long hiatus. The band’s arguably most famous album, The Black Parade, has seen a spike in listening on streaming apps ever since.

Many listeners and music fans agree The Black Parade is a timeless classic. This album is actually a rock opera based around a man dying of cancer, known as “The Patient.” The various songs touch on themes such as death, the afterlife, and grief. Listening to The Black Parade takes the listener on a journey, much like classic rock albums such as Pink Floyd’s The Wall and Queen’s A Night At The Opera. Not only is it a beautiful story and concept, the album consists of a perfect blend of high-energy anthems, like “House of Wolves,” and melancholy, sad songs like the slow, soulful “Cancer.”

Another high-energy anthem, and one of My Chem’s more popular songs, is “Teenagers,” a lowbrow satire song and commentary on teenagers, being one, and then having to deal with them. Gerard Way’s imaginative lyrics give The Black Parade a story that keeps listeners engaged and excited, while his aggressive but clear vocals work beautifully for every song on the album, regardless of the tone, mood, or pace. 

My Chemical Romance created an album that would bring rock opera and storytelling through rock music to a younger generation. Its influence from older classic rock albums are a hit with many older listeners as well. It is crafted perfectly with a theme and story that holds the listener’s attention for almost an hour. My Chemical Romance’s reunion has brought with it a new look at this classic album, and it’s just as relevant and beautiful now as it was when it first came out.

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