Graduate student Angie Adame follows her dreams

Angie Adame can be found in the Wellness Center. Photo: Samantha Camp · The Sentry

Adame finds community in sports 
Angie Adame can be found in the Wellness Center.
Photo: Samantha Camp · The Sentry

Grad student assistant Angie Adame is doing nothing less than chasing her dreams. Adame works at the Lola & Rob Salazar Student Wellness Center as the Competitive Sports Program Manager and right-hand woman to Assistant Director of Competitive Sports and Camps, Brett Lagerblade, a position she has held for the last year and a half.   

Adame, who is originally from Houston, Texas, is currently pursuing a graduate certificate in sports and entertainment management. She dreams of one day being able to be the head and heart of a sports program at a university. 

Though Adame is an athlete herself, and has been since she was seven years old, she was first introduced to working within an intramural sports program during her time as an undergraduate student at the Texas A&M University and fell in love with the job. There she was tasked with minor responsibilities, such as manning the score boards during games, and gradually she began taking on more management-based positions.  

Adame graduated in winter of 2017 from Texas A&M with a bachelor’s degree in women and gender studies and a minor in genetics. Promptly after graduation, Adame decided to move to Colorado and attend CU Denver for graduate school so that she would be better equipped to pursue the career she had dreamed of since her junior year as an undergraduate student. 

Presently, Adame is spending her last five months at CU Denver checking emails, meeting with the team captains of both the CU Denver’s intramural and competitive sports teams, and completing various other tasks related to risk management.  

Being a grad student and working full time can be difficult, but it is clear that Adame has figured out how to keep her wits about her during times of chaos. 

“I’m very organized, I live by my planner…it’s just a matter of cutting out time for yourself,” Adame said with a smile.  When asked what her favorite things are about working for and attending CU Denver, she responded, “Everyone here is so friendly and so welcoming. When I first came here it was very easy to fall into this family here at work.”  

For Adame, the friends she has made at CU Denver and her free time is a vital part of self-care and is willing to assist other students in starting sports teams so that they can have time to relax as well. 

“If a student needs me on the spot, they can find me in the Wellness Center…if I’m not here for some weird reason they can always email me at if anyone has any questions about the programs or what I do or is interested in starting something up, they can reach me that way…I’m happy to help,” Adame said. 

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