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New LynxConnect combines four offices in one location

Newly opened offices can be found in Tivoli courtyard

LynxConnect offices opened earlier this month.
Photo: Taelar Pollmann · The Sentry

Previously, students had to seek out CU Denver offices scattered throughout campus to find resources, but now, with the new opening of LynxConnect, four of those offices are in one convenient, relaxing location.  

The four offices are the Career Center, the Experiential Learning Center, Global Education: Study Abroad, and Undergraduate Research.  

LynxConnect is a large space located above Comcast Theater in the Tivoli courtyard. It includes dozens of meeting rooms from small, two-person “huddles” to larger, boardroom-style rooms. Outside of these, there is informal seating in the form of couches, lounge chairs, and others.  

LynxConnect is not just a hangout spot, however. Tony Smith, Director of the Experiential Learning Center, commented: “It is about connections and relationships. This is the place where you’re going to create the relationships with employers and community partners for what’s next in a way that makes that next step easier.”   

Smith highlighted the strengths of having all four offices in one, saying that, “A student may come in with one question,” but with all the offices together, that one question can multiply into many different avenues and opportunities. “What’s your idea of success? We’re going to make that happen for you.”  

LynxConnect employs special student leaders called peer advisors, who are the backbone of the center. Peer advisors are trained in all four offices so that they are able to handle any and all questions a student may come with. The beauty is that, while appointments with specific office members are necessary, peer advisors are always waiting to assist walk-ins. 

“Before, we had to rely on walk-in hours and things like that, but now there’s someone available all the time. [With the peer advisors] you get those immediate answers and then they can set you up with the experts,” Smith said.  

Sarah Trzeciak is Senior Director of the Career Center. “Students should be using this throughout their life-cycle, starting right after orientation,” Trzeciak said. “We help students identify what career paths they’re interested in and majors that would complement those careers.” 

Of course, this is what the Career Center has always done, but with LynxConnect now open, all four offices can work together to provide a more well-rounded experience for students. 

“We help students identify strategies for how to get [their desired career]. A lot of those strategies are now all in this space,” Trzeciak explained. “So, an internship, or undergraduate research, or study abroad, we want them to do one or all of those things, then come back to us so we can work with them [on how to market those experiences].” 

“This is CU Denver’s way of showing the power of learning outside the classroom,” Trzeciak concluded. “CU Denver recognizes the power of those experiences and the power of being able to sell that to an employer.”  

For those interested, both walk-ins and appointments are always welcome at LynxConnect. The pertinent information for each office can still be found at their respective websites, as well as Handshake. The new LynxConnect website will be up soon. 

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