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Kevin Gates | I’m Him | Album Review

Atlantic Records
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Mostly known as the “Two Phones” guy due to his hit single back in 2016, Kevin Gates is slowly continuing to build on his rap career with the release of his sophomore album I’m Him. An excessively long 17-track LP, I’m Him features no prolific, big name artist but showcases Gates’ strength of holding an album by himself. However, the album lacks sustainability of keeping audiences invested in the music; the beats become too repetitive and the same melody that creates a boring atmosphere.

Starting with the first track, “RBS Intro,” Gates gets things going with a killer beat that is a mashup of both R&B and hip-hop with stints of EDM. It then leads into the next track, “Icebox,” which starts off with a euphonic intro that climaxes into a steady pulse of percussion and synthesized beats and pitches. The only issue with this track is that Gates’ voice becomes autotuned to a point where the lyrics can’t really be distinguished from the melody.

Pushing through the middle of the album, the tracks become mushed with the same beats and use of autotune. “Facts,” “Say It Twice,” and “Fatal Attraction” sound like three different parts to a single song and feel longer than the two-and-a-half minutes of runtime that each has.

I’m Him does feature less provocative, sexual songs compared to his previous work. The last two tracks of the album, “Betta For You” and “Fly Again,” are typical sentimental and emotional hip-hop tracks where Gates raps about life to a mellow beat, creating a pleasing tone to end the album. “Betta For You” is an ode to his daughter while “Fly Again” is a love song for his wife.

I’m Him is another step in the right direction for Kevin Gate. Holding an album on his own is a tough task and his style of music is pleasing to the ear, it just lacks consistency and diverseness in his beats and lyrics.

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